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Beach Holidays

Our holidays on the beach offer you the chance to soak up sun, sea and sand in some of your favorite destinations. Our Low Holidays packages allows you to book today from with tailor-made specification according to your requirements.
Our expertise in everything sun, sea and sand tells us that you definitely need a beach break. Luckily, there’s a sun lounger out there with your name on it, and we’re here to help you find it.
From beachfront hotels to pieces of paradise located a bit further out, we’ve collected our favorite places to stay that are within reach of the beach. Whether you prefer sandy stretches with watersports, restaurants and bars aplenty or quiet coves off the beaten track, read on to discover all there is to know about beach holidays.

boat house

Sky Travels Provide economical and quality services of boat house around the world. We know boating is a lifestyle and you don’t want to miss out on any opportunity to spend time on the water with friends and family.
The best house boat around the worldpromises the idyllic experience of cruising which is truly a memorable experience in best-in-class houseboat, comprehensive range of houseboat tours, boat house honeymoon packages, conventional and unconventional, business and leisure houseboat packages and everything in between to ensure that you have everything youneed when it comes to Sky Travels!

adventure tours

Adventure travel is a way to explore the world which usually requires a daring spirit and physical exertion. It may involve taking the road less travelled, using a focused activity such as diving, kayaking, climbing or hiking as a means to discover, or pushbeyond your comfort zone.
There are so many ways to embark upon an adventure, and while some people choose to summit the highest peaks or cycle the passes in alpine regions, others long for the world below the sea or the wilderness of the African bush. At the root of all these experiences is a desire to journey further. But even the faint of heart can go on an adventure holiday; it's just about finding the right adventure vacation package for you.
Essentially, this kind of travel is for anyone who has a sense of adventure, and we all have that! Maybe you want to spend less time organising, squeeze in as much as possible, or enjoy the expertise of a guide in a new destination. Whether it’s coast or canyons, Victoria Falls or Antarctica: we’re sure to have an adventure tour that suits you best.

honeymoon package

If you are planning your first romantic vacation, then we have loads ofhoneymoon packageson offer. No other company gives you options of more places and ways to spend your first few days together, than Sky Travels.
One of the best parts about planning a wedding is that you get to take an awesome vacation after your "I dos." And these days, more resorts are catering to newlyweds by offering exclusive honeymoon packages with lots of romantic extras and go all out with an all-inclusive resort.
Sky Travels is one of the best holiday’s manager to opt for a honeymoon package. Designed with due diligence, ourhoneymoonpackagesoffer an opportunity for indulging each other while the breath-taking landscapes complete with turquoise beaches, perfect islands, snow-capped mountains, and world-famous architectural wonders make a perfect backdrop for theirromantic moments. Comprising luxury stays and complimentary inclusions, we make the whole journey even more tempting and guarantee a blissful retreat to the newlyweds.

wing ride in forest

Wildlife tourism mostly encompasses non-consumptive interactions with wildlife, such as observing and photographing animals in their natural habitats. It also includes viewing of and interacting with captive animals in zoos or wildlife parks, and can also include animal-riding (e.g. elephant riding) and consumptive activities such as fishing and hunting, which will generally not come under the definition of ecotourism and may compromise animal welfare. It has the recreational aspects of adventure travel, and usually supports the values of ecotourism and nature conservation programs.